dates palm

The palm dates originated between Egypt and Mesopotamia. Then, they are spread across the Mediterranean cost in north Africa to the rest of the world.

The dates fruit have been appreciated by all revealed religious followers starting from Jewish crossing by Christians and ending by Muslims.

Egypt is the first producer of dates in the world with approximetly 25% of all world production of dates (1,694,813,00 Ton/year). There are more than 29  Varities of dates in Egypt. We focus on some of these varieties that longlived more than 5000 years. Egypt grows up about 2000 million of palm dates of the variety SAIDI alone producing around 65,000 Ton a year. However, we offer different Egyptian dates varieties upon request as Majdoul, Barhi, and Hiani cultivated in Egypt under request.

The dates contain high ratio of multi vitamins that provide our body the sufficient energy. There are many of ways to benefits from the dates fruit. Many ingredients can be extracted from the dates such as  flower of dates, honey of dates, dates sugar, pasta of dates ( Agwa), dates seed coffee.

Combining the ancient history and the modern demands for dates, we offer our best products that cultivated and proceed in Egypt under our supervision.

Ingredients: 100% fresh, semi-dried, and dried dates.