Dried mangoes

The mango tree originated from India. However, it spread to the rest of the world. Many species of mangoes fruits are now present in the market. Our product is cultivated in Egypt. The Egyptian Mango is very sweet and delicious; it contains high percentage of natural sugar thanks to the seasonal climate in Egypt. The dry Mango is sweet and delicious as well as it contains high level of mineral vitamins. It has very strong flavour, and contains only natural sugar.

In our facility, the fresh mango dried under the sun in closed environment to avoid dust contamination. The process done smoothly with patience and care while each 2 to 3 hours the mangoes slices were turned around to maximize the drying level. No solvent and no chemical materials used during the process. We conserve our dried mangoes in containers made of glass and freeze for long conservation. This method keeps the colour and the flavour of the product without change.

The dry mango contains energy up to six times of fresh mango. Fill your energy while the mango rich of vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals salts.

The dry mango is an ideal choice for making cakes and pastries, and savoury dishes

Ingredients: 100% dry mangoes. It may contain trace of walnuts and sesame.